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School Theatre Maintenance Services

Safety and longevity of equipment are values that we hold close to our hearts. We know that you want to get the most out of your investment, which is why our school theatre maintenance and testing services are so popular.

Proactive care of your theatre equipment extends its lifespan, making it useable for years to come. Our support services help to repair rather than replace, and if you’re unsure? Then a full technical audit of your equipment advises you on what we'd recommend replacing.

  • PAT Testing
  • LOAD Testing
  • EICR Testing
  • LOLER Testing
  • Support
  • Technical Audit

What we do


We recommend PAT testing your school theatre equipment every 12 months to ensure the optimal safety of students and staff. Our engineering team supports education establishments across the UK with regular PAT testing either on its own or as part of a full-service contract that offers discount benefits.


Our Load testing services ensure that your school theatre structures can cope with the load from your technical equipment. Working with local councils, we perform weight tests and raise and lower tests on your static bars to ensure that they meet safety standards, giving you the peace of mind that your theatre is a safe environment.

EICR Testing

We offer full electrical inspections of your theatre environments and technical equipment. An NICEIC approved contractor, you’ll have the very best electrical engineers on the job.



If you own, operate, or control lifting equipment then LOLER regulations require that it is fit for purpose. Our LOLER/PUWER inspection will certify your equipment, allowing you to control your risk and prevent injury or damage.


We’re always available for advice and support when it comes to your technical equipment. Whether you need a quick replacement, a repair, or an assessment on whether your kit needs upgrading, contact us for support on your electrical equipment.


Our technical audit provides a full service package for your school, including Electrical inspections, PAT testing, Load testing, LOLER inspections, fire retardancy of drapes and Rouch focus. Take advantage of our service contracts with discounts offered on packages over 3 to 5 years and get an extra 10% off service work done during term time.

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