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Theatre Installation

Henley Theatre Services is a technical installation specialist for theatres, schools and performance venues across Europe. From building staging and trusses, to sound and lighting, and engineering solutions to automate your space, we can create your perfect environment, with clever control systems.

  • Stages, trusses, drapes and blinds
  • Displays, screens and TV distribution
  • Lighting and Sound
  • Automation, performance controls and engineering
  • Temperature controls
  • Systems integrations

Engineered environments for live performance are our stock-in-trade. We stake our reputation on the function, quality and safety of our workmanship. Our years of experience, coupled with close client relationships enable us to deliver performance, longevity and exceptional value to our customers. Craftsmanship that we are proud of.

Whether you’re building a new performance venue, or remodelling an existing one, we’d love to discuss your project.

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Judd School, Tonbridge


The Woodshed, Oxford


Trim Cultural Centre, Ireland