Save money,

be energy efficient

School Scrappage Scheme

Our school scrappage scheme incentivises schools to become more energy efficient. By replacing your old 650 watt stage lights with new 100 watt LED lanterns, your investment will pay for itself in 2 years. Beyond that, it’s money straight into your pocket.

Save up to £173 on new LED Stage lanterns in our scrappage scheme, and claim an additional 10% off the price with Henley Theatre Services. Find out more by contacting our sales team.

By improving your energy efficiency, you’ll reap the benefits of saving money and caring for your environment. We work with schools across the UK to help renew and upgrade technical theatre equipment. If you’d like to discuss whether you can benefit from our school scrappage scheme, and how much you can save in energy and money, get in touch with our sales team.


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