Dynacord AXM 12A Powered Foldback


Dynacord AXM 12A Powered Foldback

12″ coax biamped multifunctional monitor

  • Powered 12-inch coax monitor speaker for multifunctional applications
  • Max. SPL 128 dB
  • DSP controlled power amplifier (360 + 160 W IHF-A)
  • LCD display for easy configuration
  • Small and lightweight housing (14,9 kg)

The key to a good performance on stage is a good monitor. No matter used as a small full range main PA, delay speaker, side or front fill and other similar applications — there are a number of reasons to fall in love with the AXM 12A. The compact footprint demonstrates its versatility and how it can benefit the user where space on stage is at a premium. Acoustically the AXM 12A offers the ideal combination of a high quality 12″ / 1.75″ coaxial transducer with onboard signal processing and 2‑channel amplification. Outstanding sound performance and ultimate ease of use.

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Weight 14.9 kg