St Andrews School, Woking

Henley Theatre Services supply and install production lighting, sound & coms drapery and tracks and over stage rigging equipment into this newly constructed theatre at St Andrews School Woking.

In 2018 St Andrews School in Woking constructed a state of the art new build theatre and rehearsal studios and other spaces with in the school grounds.

The Production lighting and Sound & Coms systems were designed by Theatretech.

The Auditorium capacity is 133, the lighting system consists of the new Zero 88 hard wired bypass dimmers, and extensive DMX network and multiple lighting bars, the audio was Electrovoice and AV from Eiki.

Furze Platt School Case Study

Technical Specification

2 x Zero 88 Bypass Dimmer/Switchpacks provide dimed or hotpower out to the rig making it possible to easily power a number of legacy tungsten fitting and or LED or other moving lights.

DMX is probably is equal to power in terms of importance when it comes to controlling stage lighting which is why we chose Zero 88 Racksplit 2:8 RDM for DMX distribution.

Furze Platt School Case Study

House Lights:
12 x 2 Cell GDS-2700 37 degree provided excellent house lighting.

Projector & Screen:
Eiki 7000 lumens with 6m wide screen

AUDIO Electrovoice

Communication & Show Relay
We used a combination of FBT 100v line loud speakers for the showrelay and Tecpro belt packs and headsets.

Lighting Bars & Facility Panels
All internally wired lighting bars and facility panels were supplied by Andolite