Do I need WiFi at my event?



Having great WiFi at your event can provide numerous benefits and enhance the overall experience for attendees, organizers and participants.

But to even the best event production companies, it can be a complex solution that isn't easily  achieved without the right expertise. And this can be a frightening task for event organisers.

The good news is that there are many event wifi providers that specialise in just this.

The world of connectivity is a fast-moving one and you may have noticed the quality of your 4G and 5G reducing. Traders are struggling to take payments, production teams are finding comms dropping out more regularly, guests are unable to promote your event to the outside world with social media.

EVERYONE suffers when the WiFi isn't up to the job.

In this blog we cover what an event WiFi solution can bring to you event, and why you should consider having good online availability.

The benefits of WiFi at events

Internet Access:

In the modern digital age, people rely on the Internet for various purposes, such as accessing event-related information, communicating with others, sharing content on social media, and conducting business activities. WiFi allows attendees to stay connected and access online resources throughout the event.


Event Apps and Digital Tools:

Many events, like conferences, now utilise dedicated mobile event apps or digital tools for attendees to access event schedules, maps, speaker bios, and interactive features like Q&A sessions or polls. These apps require internet connectivity to function properly.


Social Media Engagement:

WiFi enables attendees to share their event experiences on social media in real-time. This can help create buzz around your event, increase its visibility, and attract more attendees in the future. If you’re looking for your event to make an impact outside of the atttendees on site then this is a must have!


Live Streaming and Broadcasting:

If your event involves live streaming or broadcasting sessions, having WiFi available ensures a stable and reliable connection for those producing or consuming the content.


Registration and Check-in Process:

WiFi can expedite the registration and check-in process by allowing organizers to validate tickets and send updates in real-time. This reduces waiting times and improves overall attendee satisfaction.


Interactive and Virtual Elements:

Events may include interactive elements like live polls, surveys, or virtual components. WiFi enables seamless participation in these activities and enhances attendee engagement.


Event Management:

For event organizers and staff, WiFi provides essential communication tools, access to event management software, and coordination with various teams involved in running the event smoothly.


Payment Systems:

Some events nowadays implement cashless payment systems, where attendees can use their smartphones to make purchases. WiFi is essential for facilitating secure and efficient transactions, and keeping your traders happy. If they’re working on a commission basis, the more money they make, the more money you make.


Media and Press Coverage:

If your event attracts media or press coverage, WiFi ensures journalists and photographers have access to the internet to upload stories, photos, and videos in real-time.


Business and Networking Opportunities:

WiFi facilitates networking among attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. People can exchange contact information, share business materials, and communicate effectively.


Whilst having WiFi at events can be highly advantageous, it's crucial to ensure sufficient bandwidth and network capacity to handle the expected number of users and their data demands.

Additionally, security measures should be implemented to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access to the network.

As we mention, it’s a complex thing, and making sure that your hardware can connect  to the WiFi network is a key consideration. It's something we can help you with at Henley Theatre Services. Why not contact us for a chat?

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