Theatre, Stage, Drama Studio, TV Studio, Village Hall

HTS are able to provide costs for bespoke drapery for theatres, studios #, schools, colleges and village halls – it has long been a large part of our business.

Our drapes are made to order using our extensive supply chain of drapery manufactures we can supply a huge range of velvets, Wools Serges, Bolton Twill and Canvas.

We are able to produce Front of House drapes, Mid stage blacks, leg curtains, perimeter drapes and canvases.

We have a 60 page Sales catalogue which features material of the roll for masking or blackout drapes we also provide gauses, often refered to as transformation gauze or sharks tooth gauze,

Along with a full range of track and mechanical stage engineering solutions to hang and move the drapes.

Our design team can work with you to make sure every detail is covered, including the drape fullness, weight and movement.

for more information and to obtain a quotation please contact